Monday, September 14, 2015

Data Never Sleeps

A friend and co-worker of mine named Kevin turned me on to some interesting infographics by a company called Domo. Domo is a company that bills themselves as a business management platform. Check out their website if you are interested.

The reason we are on the subject of Domo here is the infographics I mentioned. Here is the first one they did in June of 2012:

Data Never Sleeps 1.0

So, who was going to watch those 48 video hours/minute of new YouTube videos added in 2012? Probably those 2.1 billion people on the Internet, who are also downloading from Apple at a rate of 47,000 apps/minute. As for the 204 million emails, we know a lot was spam (more on spam in another post).

However, let us see what happens as 2 years went by and the folks at Domo decided it would be good to take another look at this data/minute thing again in April of 2014:

Data Never Sleeps 2.0

In two years, those YouTubers are now uploading 72 video hours/minute. Fortunately, there are now 2.4 billion people available to watch them. They are also busy downloading 48,000 apps/minute from Apple.

But now watch what happens in just another two years as Domo gives us part 3:

Data Never Sleeps 3.0

Oh my, video creation is going crazy. We now have 300 video hours/minute being uploaded and hopefully watched by the 3.2 billion people on the 'net who also jumped on the Apple bandwagon to the tune of 51,000 apps/minute.

Hey, this Internet thing is really catching on! 

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