Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Hot Debate

Ah flame wars. They can be about the most trivial things but how the emotions fly. In my life I have become familiar with the following hotly debated subjects:

  • Yamaha vs. Honda motor cycles
    • (a.k.a 2 cycle vs. 4 cycle engines)
  • Deitzgen vs. Pickett slide rules
  • Texas Instruments vs. Hewlett-Packard calculators
    • (a.k.a. algebraic vs. reverse polish notation)
  • Vim vs. Emacs editors
  • Curly brace placement et. al.
It makes one wish for the "good old days" when debate was more civilized. You remember that time, right? When men were killed over hotly debated subjects?

Oh, that reminds me of one other hot debate:
  • Swords vs. pistols

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