Monday, November 30, 2015

I Am Beyond That Now

My next door neighbor was working in his yard when he was startled by a BMW that came crashing through his hedge and ended up in his front lawn. 

He rushed to help an elderly lady driver out of the car and sat her down on a lawn chair.

He said with excitement, "You appear quite elderly to be driving."

"Well, yes, I am," she replied proudly.  "I'll be 90 next month, and I am old enough now that I don't even need a driver's license."

He asked "Who told you that?"

"The last time I went to my doctor, he examined me and asked if I had a driver's license.

I told him, yes and handed it to him."

He took scissors out of the drawer, cut the license into pieces, and threw them in the waste basket, saying,'You won't need this anymore.'"

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