Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello from Santa Claus

Well, not really. However, I do get a kick out of growing my beard out from September to December each year and wearing a hat like the joy old Head Elf himself.

Words cannot describe the fun it is to get recognized by small children. Their eyes light up and they either hide behind Mom or Dad or can't wait to say hello.

Once, I was shopping in a toy store when a little girl recognized Santa. She couldn't wait to show me her favorite toys.

Another time, I was on vacation in Florida and a young boy in the cottage next door was giving me strange looks. Later on his mother explained that he was upset with me because he was supposed to get a helicopter for Christmas but didn't. It seems that the father was military and they were on their way to their new assignment so the parents had the helicopter shipped to their destination. Some time later, he and I had a discussion about how much his parents (and Santa) loved him and that everyone sometimes has to wait for the things they want the most. Hopefully he really did get the chopper.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is looking beyond the commercial aspects of Christmas and thinking about sharing love and joy with those around them. I may have the beard, but everyone can be Santa to someone.

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