Saturday, September 12, 2015

Golf: It's More Than a Game

Golf seems to be the game that people love to hate. Perhaps it's because it appears easy on the face of it. Just hit the ball into the hole.

The scenery is gorgeous, the activity is mild but does count as exerciser, and how great it is to be out on a nice sunny day going for a walk.

However, people play in the rain, they play with florescent orange balls in the winter, they try to "sneak a round in before dark". And there seems to be no end to the humor surrounding golf.

Yes, aim is all important. Keeping you from aiming easily is the golf club, unlike anything else used to hit a ball. Oddly shaped and oddly held and much to easily broken in fits of rage.

And of course they put water on golf courses. Sometimes directly in your path, sometimes a whole ocean off to the side. All to give you the pleasure of conquering the water trap.

Endless frustration. That seems to be one of the hallmarks of the sport. So much for a relaxing day at on the links.

Bob Hope was know for humor and golf. He is quoted as saying, ""Golf is my profession. I tell jokes to pay my green fees." (Can golf be expensive? You bet!) Bob has played on some 2,000 courses - from Brazil to Bangkok, Alaska to Australia - in the company of golfs top professionals, caddies, celebrities, generals and sometimes even presidents.

So many think they can play golf, so few can. I have no illusions. I play in the mid-70s ... for the first 9 holes.

I've heard it said that when you play golf, it always seems like Laurel & Hardy are in front of you, and Nicklaus and Palmer are behind you (showing my age, aren't I).

I'll end with this final joke

A Rabbi was out golfing on Saturday. He knew he shouldn't golf on the Sabbath, but he had the bug, he couldn't resist. And on on the day he was playing the game of his life! His drives were long and straight, he was reading greens like a book. The only time he would slice or hook was when the course went the same way. It was amazing!

Up in heaven, God was watching the Rabbi with a group of angels all clustered around Him and they were incensed! "Lord," they said, "It's the Sabbath. Aren't you going to do something?" But God said nothing.

On and on the Rabbi played, unable to believe what his hands where doing. He teed up for the 18th and with a might swing he not only had his first hole-in-one, but he had broken 70 for the first time in his life!

The angels went crazy. "Yahweh, this is too much. You should never have let this happen. It makes a mockery of the Sabbath. How could you let him play like this?"

Finally, God looked at them. With a smile on His face and a twinkle in His eye He said: "Yes, much of what you have said is true. But think of it this way: Who can he tell?"

To all my golfing friends, enjoy yourselves.

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