Monday, September 7, 2015

What Ever Happened to Common Sense?

As a technologist I go crazy about the warning labels and judicial rulings that attempt to say that one doesn't need common sense or any kind of knowledge to live these days.

  • Ladders have warning labels not to use them on ice or you could fall.
  • Lawnmowers warn you that if you pull the starting cord enough and have a heart condition, you could get a heart attack.
  • Hair dryers warn you not to use them while sleeping.
  • Clothes irons tell not to use them on the clothes that you are wearing.
  • A syrup of ipecac bottle had the caution: May cause vomiting.

These in and of themselves are not bad, but each represent a successful lawsuit against the manufacturer for not explicitly telling the user that they should not do something that common sense would tell them not to do.

Have you seen crazy warning labels? I'd love to hear about them.


  1. Unfortunately the desire to obtain wealth without labor seems to be the corrupter of common sense. After watching gold diggers during the 3 years I worked in a law office I decided it was not my bag of tea. A lady sues McDonalds because she was negligent and spilt her hot coffee, now businesses must label the obvious! Yet, no one thinks to label "cold coffee; may cause brain freeze" for example. Ohhhh, now there's one to use for free money! I'm off to find a store that sells ice cold coffees now...

  2. Good luck! Remember me when your ship comes in. All I want is a small place in the very back of your estate ... with pool privileges. Of course I'll only use the pool when you are not having one of your fabulous, famous parties!

    1. You're always invited to use the pool and come to our fabulous, famous parties. If only I drank coffee!