Thursday, October 22, 2015

A DeLorean and Fond Memories

I had the chance to go to Reston Town Center (a.k.a. Hill Valley) yesterday to see a tricked out DeLorean that looked just like the one in "Back To The Future".

It brought back memories of Flux Capacitors and "life preserver" jackets, of hover boards and Biff's mangled cliches, of a school principle/sheriff who never changed, a scientist who persevered, and flying cars that STILL are not here yet.

(Trivia Note: Doc Brown's DeLorean needed to get up to 88 mph to effect a time transfer. However, the speedometer on a stock U.S. DeLorean only went up to 85 mph because of a U.S. Federal energy saving law.)

I hope you enjoy these pictures.

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