Monday, October 5, 2015

Suppose you compare a rich man and a poor man. Who is the most successful? As with most things in life, it depends.

It depends upon how you are measuring. By accumulated wealth, the rich man is more successful.

However, suppose your measure was happiness, and the poor man has a loving wife, three loving children, and lots of loyal friends while the rich man has no family and no friends, he just lives alone is a big house all by himself?

The rich man now sounds pretty miserable and we start to envy the poor man, who has it all.

This idea is not really new, perhaps you have heard it before. But think about how this might apply in the various areas of your life. 

  • Is the current project you are working on a "success"? Are you using your own measure or your company's and/or supervisors?
  • Is your career a "success"? Reaching the top of your field may not be very successful if you count the other costs.
  • Is your favorite hobby a "success"? Maybe it is a success just to bring you some pleasure.
  • In raising your children, are you finding "success"? Are you disappointed in their choices in life, or are you happy if they are happy?
  • Are you a "success"? Most of us will not go down in the history books. However, you can easily touch the people around you for good and the certainly is a success in my book.
However you measure success, I hope you are finding joy in your life today.

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