Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There is probably a good story, even a great one, that starts with someone eating a salad, but it would be unusual. Probably much more unusual than one starting with a "little lubrication". 

Dropping one's inhibitions can be a good thing. Taking risks is how great things happen. The pantheon of success stories is filled with people taking risks and reaping great rewards. Lesser discussed, and probably a larger group, is the stories of people taking foolish risks and losing it all. Go to YouTube and search on the word "fail" if you doubt this.

So really, the trick is to know when a risk is a good one or a foolish one. Studying the subject, doing lots of research, and trying things on a smaller scale, These are all things involved in taking good risks. As the saying goes, "Luck favors the prepared." Loud and boisterous friends, too much time on ones hands, and alcohol. These are associated with bad risks.

Still, alcohol can lead to some great stories so remember, when you hear a friend say, "Watch this", be sure to watch. It just might be something you'll tell your grand-kids about someday.

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